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Age:  4yo

Breed: Connemara

Sex: Mare

Height: 15hh

Price: €6500 / £5870

Daisy is a real stunner of a pony! She is a fantastic model and really has that 'look at me ' presence . 

Daisy was professionally broken at the beginning of the year so is still green, but has a lovely genuine attitude with no badness to her at all. 

Daisy has a naturally very careful jump , she has been show jump schooled , has a very willing attitude and will have a go at anything you point her too. Recently we have started using her as a lead horse for the youngsters as she has no issue at all with water , ditches, banks , etc . 

She has done plenty of xc schooling practise with me and is really starting to get the hang of it all and  enjoy herself. Daisy loads and travels great, always comes off the box calm, she will happily stand while you fiddle around with boots, tack and getting on. 

Daisy is working nicely on the flat, she has a soft snaffle mouth and will definitely do a lovely test. 

She is a very sweet mare on the floor, loves fuss and attention , she will stand all day to be brushed. For a 4yo she is very straightforward to do. 

Daisy will be a great competition prospect with her careful scopey jump and model like looks, she is still a 4yo though and will need further production . 


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