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Age: 4yo 

Breed: Reg Connemara

Sex: Gelding 

Height: 15hh

Price: €7000

Theo is an absolute sweetheart, he is kind , gentle and very willing. He is an angel to handle on the floor , will stand all day to be brushed and fussed over, wouldn't dream to kick or bite. 

He works beautifully on the flat, he has a rocking horse like canter and a perfectly soft snaffle mouth at all times. Theo always tries his very best and would definitely excel in a dressage home. He has 3 rhythmical flowing paces and naturally very balanced for a 4yo. 

Theo was broken in by a small teenage girl last year and has not shown any signs of bucking, rearing or bolting, he is the sort if you drop the reins he stops. He hacks alone in open fields and doesn't hot up or get silly even with other horses. 

Since being with us he has been xc schooled and showjumping schooling, he stays in a lovely easy rhythm to a fence, never rushing or pulling. He isn't going to be a top level jumper, but he is honest, willing and careful over a pole.

A lovely easy pony for someone to start his competition career on, he has all the basics put in place and will give someone a lot of fun! 

please note rider in video is 5ft 11 

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